Picture Perfect Painting provides top-quality painting services in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding area. With years of experience in the industry, we’ve established ourselves as the leading local painting contractor for both interiors and exteriors. Our services are efficient, our prices affordable, and the quality of our work second to none.

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Painting Services with a Personal Touch

We opened our business with a mission in mind: to provide a highly personalized painting service for all the residents and businesses in the area. We’re not here to do a slap-job with colors that you feel iffy about—we’re here to give you the personal touch you need to get exactly what you want.

When you choose us, we’ll work with you every step of the way to create the perfect project plan for you. Everything about our paint work is customizable: from the color and finish down to the schedule of delivery. With us, you know you’ve got a contractor who has your interests at heart.

Free Consultations!

In order to meet the diverse needs of our many clients, we offer free consultations for all our painting services. Our consultation process is comprehensive so that we can best tailor our services for you. We’ll go over the details of your project, explain how we can help you, and offer you an honest and accurate estimate for the job. That way, you know exactly how we’ll realize your vision for your property.

Residential Painting—Affordable, Timely, and Immaculate

Homeowners have come to love our services for three reasons: price, speed, and quality. We are renowned for our prompt response times, our minimal turnaround times, and our exceptionally affordable rates. But beyond all, we are known for our expertise and professionalism. Our paint work is second to none. We’ll not only make your home look phenomenal—our high-quality paints will also provide a protective coating that will prevent wear and tear from affecting your surfaces.

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Humans are visual creatures by nature. Whether we want to admit it or not, appearances matter. When your home or business is the first thing visitors see, don’t you want to make the best impression possible? To make sure your paint job never fails to impress, contact the residential and commercial painting contractors at Picture Perfect Painting.

Eco-Friendly Interior Paint Services in San Luis Obispo

When it comes to painting your home’s interior, there are more things to think about than just the aesthetic appeal of certain paint colors. While that is important—and one of our top priorities—there are other things that need to be considered when painting an indoor space, that parents, children, pets, and visitors spend their days in.

Though interior lead paint has been banned since 1978, there are still paint-types that are a little less than ideal for the conscious consumer, like oil and latex-based paint.

At Picture Perfect Painting, we have experience in applying a wide variety of non-toxic paints, such as milk-based. Made from real milk protein and sold in powder-form, this eco-friendly option is free of latex, oil, and of course lead.

Another ecological option is plant-based paints. Sustainably harvested from the earth, paints made from plant and mineral pigments are free of all low-level toxic emissions commonly found in oil and latex-based paints.

When it comes to your home, it pays to play it safe. And few painting companies are as safe a bet as we are. We’re EPA-certified and always on the lookout for the latest innovations!

Residential Painting Contractors

While we’re no stranger to the world of commercial painting, where we really shine is home painting. Whether your home is being built from the bottom up, completely remodeled, renovated, or simply re-decorated, no project can be complete without a fresh coat of paint.

While other interior painters might rush through their job, we take our role a little more seriously than that. The color of your walls is more than just an afterthought, they’re the finishing touch every household needs to stand out. A carefully selected coat of paint can complement your furniture, or it can even make your living room feel as though it’s been fully remodeled.

To make sure the right paint is selected for your home, it is important to find the right team for the job. Look no further than Picture Perfect Painting. We approach painting with the passion of an interior decorator.

Commercial Painting Contractors

Are you in the final stages of renovating your office or business? Have you been looking for a painting company whose schedule is flexible enough to accommodate your hectic workdays and ongoing activities?

As service providers dedicated to providing customer satisfaction, our goal is always to make our client’s lives less hectic. That’s why we work hard to schedule our services when most convenient for you and your colleagues.

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Superior Commercial Painting Services

Our services are a great option for commercial clients who want to revitalize their properties and create a productive work environment. While we’re on the job, we’ll strive to minimize disruptions to your workflow and keep your company free from safety hazards.

We’re available to work for all types of businesses and industries, including:

  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Schools and Gyms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Office Spaces
  • Industrial Complexes, Factories, and Warehouses

Company Colors? No Problem for the Pro Painters

If you’re looking to build your brand and display your company colors, we’ll work with you to develop a set of custom paint colors that fits your company. Contact us to see for yourself!

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